2021 is a great year to make a new tradition.

The Boer Goat Course for 2021 will provide the Boer goat enthusiast with the opportunity to learn from two of the greatest Boer goat breeders in the USA.

John and Jackie Edwards graciously accepted and agreed to be the instructors of the Boer Goat Course, in Sedalia, Missouri, June 2-4th, swine pavilion. John and Jackie Edwards we two of the top Boer Goat producers until their retirement several years ago. We are excited to have them teach the Boer Goat Course because of their knowledge and willingness to teach others.

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If you would like to read more about the Boer Goat Course for 2021, click here.

The Boer Goat Course is an opportunity for a breeder to learn about selection based upon the standard. This will be a three day learning event. It begins on June 2 and ends June 4. Attendees do not bring their stock. The stock is provided by the Midwest Buck Sale.

If a breeder would like their stock evaluated by the EGGS team, please enter them in the Boer Goat Congress. This event is a fun and exciting way to watch Boer Goats be evaluated, first divided by colour coat, then sex, then age. Teeth are examined to determine classes. Stock may be registered and unregistered stock.

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To read more about the Boer Goat Congress and Coloured Congresses, click here.

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