Become a member of the Meat Goat Society.

How do I start?

The best way to start is by joining.  Purchase a youth or breeder membership.

Youth membership: $15.00

Breeder membership: $30.00 

All members will enjoy the benefits of the Meat Goat Society. Learning opportunities are available through the year for all members.  The Meat Goat Society offers a bi-annual publication and other marketing and promotional opportunities along with the database for your herd with multiple breeds.

When joining, a member will purchase a Herd Book number.

Herd Book Number $25.00

Membership Form

A Herd Book number is combined with your herd prefix, to identify your stock.  This is a one time fee.  A annual membership fee covers yearly maintenance for your youth or breeder account.

If you have multiple breeds and would like one database to hold your stock information, as you work to improve your goat stock, this is your opportunity to keep track and print complete pedigrees at will.

Each member has the opportunity to advance their stock to the Meat Goat Society ‘Stud’ Book and acquire a certificate of ‘Stud’. The animal must be inspected by two judges to enter the permanent Stud Book number. This is a simple process and is about selecting stock by the standard.

If stock qualifies as ‘Stud’ or ‘Flock’, it shall be noted on the certificate of registration to the Meat Goat Society and in the database. Cull stock is not recorded.

Please ask questions.

Learn more about the database and how we store information.

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