What the Meat Goat Society offers a member

  To create and promote a society of meat goat producers, where all may learn through education and communication,

in a production-based atmosphere, that is focused on profitability, integrity and sustainability.


What is the difference between the Herd Book and the Stud Book?

The Herd Book is the information each breeder inputs into the database to keep a pedigree of their stock.  Each record can hold a diverse amount of information according to the breeders desired record keeping.  Identification markings, FAMACHA scores, scrotal circumference, teats, kidding info, and so much more.  This is a great way for the production meat goat producer to hone in on statistics and keep that record in one base.  There is also a financial record keeping area for each member. 

When a breeder wants to advance their stock from the Herd Book to the Stud Book a goat must be inspected by at least two judges listed with the Meat Goat Society.  Inspections are easy and this is a way for breeders to come together and discuss the stock they raise. 

The Meat Goat Society provides one yearly national event for all breeders to have their stock evaluated at the Midwest Buck Sale.   Breeders can have their stock evaluated and ‘show’ them off, prior to selling in the sale that weekend.  What a great way to promote a breeders stock.

How does my stock get entered into the Herd Book and the Stud Book?

Each breeder enters the information about their stock into the Herd Book.  It is a record of that breeder’s “herd”.  The Herd Book is a collective database of a breeders information.  Not all information may be  viewed by others.  The database secures private information.  After a breeder inputs their stock information, each breeder may print a pedigree record at will.  When a breeder sells an animal, printing a record is easy.

When a breeder wants to have their stock compared to another breeder stock, they may create events for other Meat Goat Society member breeders to attend, just like any other type of “show”. The Meat Goat Society refers to these events as “evaluations”. The stock is evaluated and compared to each other. A record of the event is recorded in the database.  The method of comparison is a little different that what exhibitors are used to in America. It is easy and a great tool in improving stock. For stock to advance to the Stud Book, and receive a ‘Stud Number’, the stock must be inspected by two qualified inspectors or judges listed with the Meat Goat Society.

DNA REQUIREMENTS: Each breeder has a responsibility to ensure that the pedigree parentage records, for their stock, is correct.

The Meat Goat Society supports the use of DNA and suggests all breeders use DNA to verify the parentage of their stock that has a record in the database.  Stock is required to have DNA on record with the Meat Goat Society, to advance into the Stud Book and receive a certificate from the Meat Goat Society.  The DNA record is shared with the MGS, by the breeders, to verify parentage.

Each breeder may record DNA for each animal.

Create an Account: CLICK HERE

To obtain a DNA record of your goat, it is simple:  Go to UC Davis, CLICK HERE.

Each member will set up an account directly with UC Davis to have all DNA recorded and then share the information with the Meat Goat Society, to receive a certificate and register all stock in the Stud Book.

Each breeder owns their livestock DNA information.

There are different types of tests done by UC Davis.  CLICK HERE

Parentage/Genetic Marker Report

Goat Scrapie Susceptibility

G6-Sulfatase Deficiency (G6-S MPSIIID)


Alpha-S1 Casein

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