Composite Stock

Composite Stock is stock that is a cross between two or more breeds and does not fit the “fullblood” standard of any breed.

The combination of two or more breeds may be beneficial to a breeder. Production breeders have to consider their geographical terrain, weather conditions, and browsing availability with access to feeds at low costs, that will benefit their program.

Percentage Stock, needing percentage papers.

Any color, and combination of breeds.

If you have a Herd Book Number, please start your animals name with your herd book number, then your herd prefix, even if someone else bred the goat. This is for search system info, as we build the base. All other registry info is attached to this form and record of the animal.

The Meat Goat Society provides the breeder the opportunity to combine breeds and print a certificate with the combination of breeds.

A breeder must have a herd book number to register and record their pedigree stock in the database.

The database move forward, not backward. That means that the database grows with information added about stock that is being born.

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