All member records are private information and available to members of the Meat Goat Society, on this page. Members may request information to be limited to email, phone number, etc. Member access is a privilege. Those privileges are part of the annual membership in the Meat Goat Society.

This information is not for redistribution and is not transferable. We do not offer personal information to the public, nor does the Meat Goat Society sell any member information.

The information contained in the database belongs to the Meat Goat Society and all rights are reserved.

Owners of the live animals may print their respective pedigree certificates at will. It is prohibited to purposefully print a pedigree certificate for an animal that you do not own, without expressed permission from the goat owner..

All inspected Boer Goat stock, that is classified as ‘Stud” or “Flock’, may receive a Meat Goat Society registration certificate with a new ‘Stud’ or ‘Flock’ number in-addition to the one provided when entered into the database. These printed certificates, from the Meat Goat Society, are $10.00 each.

Certificates printed at your home have the same value as the certificates printed by the Meat Goat Society. This is a complete pedigree record. This is the same pedigree information each breeder adds into the database. The Meat Goat Society houses the information, just like all other associations and registries house pedigree information. The Meat Goat Society offers a larger and expansive database, for multiple breeds and allows a breeder to print information at will when animals are sold. Breeders may add all other registration information about each goat.

Begin your adventures in goating with the Meat Goat Society. We welcome you to the family.

What is the difference in a Boer goat, Kalahari, and Savanna?

The Meat Goat Society has a Stud book for the Boer goat, Kalahari and Savanna, as these are animals selected based upon phenotype. All developed breeds are created based upon selection for traits. That is how we build this database and it is the decision of each breeder if they want to join in what we are doing and follow along with this type of selection. It is very simplified and not complicated. Once a breeder learns selection and has others come to help sort their stock, the stock improves and is evident in quality of the stock.

Selection can be many factors in a breeders herd. We are here to help and teach others, connect those that have information and advance the goats in the production atmosphere

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