Savanna goats originate from South Africa and have been well established in the United States and other countries around the world. Sometimes referred to as the “white Boer goat”.

A hardy goat that has a black pigment and speckled hair/coloration around the ears and face. They have a nice roman head, large feet and fleshy body. One of the hardier breeds around the world.

For the Meat Goat Society, we provide a place for those that want to record their pedigrees of their Savanna stock. Particularly for those that want a composite animal and to provide a complete pedigree record.

There are several Savanna associations and breed registries in existence and the Meat Goat Society provides a Savanna breeder a table to input the pedigree of their stock, from any other registry. We do not discriminate. The breeder has control over their pedigree record.

The Savanna, like the Boer, may be inspected, by a Meat Goat Society approved judge or inspector, to be sure it follows the standard for the Savanna goat, as they originate from South Africa. After being inspected, if your stock is classified ‘Stud’, your Savanna stock may enter the permanent ‘Stud’ Herd Book. If a breeder would like to cross their Savanna stock on another breed and keep a pedigree record to print when selling those animals, that opportunity is available to that breeder, with the Meat Goat Society database. The Meat Goat Society provides something for the breeder in the ability to print a complete pedigree for a Composite goat.

The Meat Goat Society supports all registries and associations. Please continue to register your stock with the entities you already do. Our mission is to enhance the ability to record data and track genetics and pedigree information. We will not interfere with what breeders already do, but we will provide learning opportunities in a relaxed atmosphere.

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