Boer Goat

The Boer goat originates from South Africa.

The South African Boer goat herds are large and the stock covers great expanses of land. These hardy animals can take on the dryer climates and rougher terrain, browsing for food.

The United States has well established herds across the country.

The vision of the Meat Goat Society is to help those that want to learn more about the Boer goat standard and how to select stock by the breed standard. Trends in stock come and go. The standard for the Boer goat does not change.

The national event for the Meat Goat Society includes a yearly Boer Goat Course The instructors are from the USA, South Africa, and/or Australia. We strive to provide the best learning opportunities from the most knowledgeable professionals in the industry. The mission is to teach all the Boer goat breeders how to help each other. Our mission is to help breeders work as a team. There is no competition between the membership. This is a opportunity for like minded production breeders to come together and build a new way to select and support each member in the industry.

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